Submission – It’s a Good thing!

As a believer in Christ there still remains chaos that life must endure and can be quite overtaking and preoccupying for sure.  It can consume your time, energy, thoughts and resources – leaving you depleted, but there is a way to ride the storms of life that will lead you in victory and is a matter of focus.  Instead of allowing the situation to become your preoccupation -submit (it) to God.   This kind of submitting is two sided.  In submitting, you are giving Him permission to work in the situation.  In submitting you are giving it to God taking the ownership of it, and desire to practice it – to Him.  You go to God first, instead of what you normally do; for example you normally fear in a particular situation, but instead you will submit the fear to God, instead of taking it on yourself.  It’s a new way of relating to the problems and stress – and its according to God’s principle for those who belong to Christ.  It’s basically acknowledging God, above all else and as you do, you resist the devil by not looking upon or are taking part in what he sends your way.  James 4:7.  As you live through the tough moments – submit fear, weakness, anger, disillusionment, hopes and dreams, or whatever it is that has you consumed -to Him and keep doing it.  Each time be conscious of the truth that He has all authority in your situation:  He is in control and will lead you according to how He sees best.  Romans 8:28  No matter what the situation tells you, how you feel, the defeat and failure, the pain and sorrow, the loneliness, the shame and guilt – submit each thought, habit, and situation to Him as one would a patient to the doctor – and wait for His way to bring you through to wholeness!  Keep submitting!  If you stumble in a bad habit 50 times in a day – each stumble – submit it to God!  Making sure or course that you are not purposely ‘stumbling’ with the thought that you can just submit it to Him.  If you are in a difficult situation – submit every aspect to it to God – moment by moment.  We often think that because we are ‘sinning’ or messing up – that God is not interested in our mistakes so don’t keep bothering Him we tell our self.  All He wants is our eyes to look to Him – in all things….good or bad to desire to walk in His way through it – to freedom and release.   It is He that will move in our heart to want to walk away from bad habits, unhealthy emotional responses and all else that seeks to control us.  That is where He can work with us – as we simply look to Him.  It has never depended upon our good performances or bad performances, what we have done or not done – none of these has any bearing on God moving in our lives.

Do not ever hold back for fear – for He sees and knows all about it anyway!  The wonderful thing is that He understands why – and only wants to set it right for us.  This is the gift that we have in Christ – new life, which is His.  As we submit the old to God, we are able to receive the new.  Give and take.  We give to God, and we take from Christ.

God’s interest is not keeping humans ‘in check’ by punishing, teaching a lesson, or rewarding good behavior.  His interest is that we look to Him (first) in all things.  Matt 6:33   In this practice it is like the law of physics – it is in proper order; because as we look to Him in all things – then the things that can easily snare us into paths, trails and canyons of bondage, defeat and sorrow – will be subjected first to God and will not have the power it once did over us. He leads us in safety out of and from the dangers and pitfalls of this world.  He sees what we do not, and is wise when we have no understanding – so as we submit; He leads.

Submitting all things to Him does not mean you have no voice or freedom – actually this is where you will find your true voice and understand what true freedom is.  Practicing life in this way will not only blow your mind as He begins to show you who He REALLY IS, but it will free you to be at peace with whatever life may bring.  For you are no longer trusting in what happens to you or what tempts you – You are putting your trust in Jesus Christ and what He said He came to do:  Isaiah 61:1-3.  And it is His work, to be done in us.

Scriptures to read, renew and refresh your mind regarding the amazing and wonderful truth:  God is in Control!

Phil 4: 6-7   John 14:27   Psalm 23:4    Matt 6:34    1 Peter 5: 6-7   Luke 12: 22-26  Psalm 27:1

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  1. We are all imprisoned by our past relationships, guilt and remorse and our feeble efforts to try and do better. It is only through our personal relationship with Jesus that we find grace, forgiveness and unconditional love, so we can live our life with His peace and joy !


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