Tale of 2 Lovers

He is so in love with her all His thoughts toward her are that of a good future and a life that is specific to her well being and wholeness.  Jer 29:11.  They were destined for each other, some would say much like in fairy tales where there is a sinister plot to destroy this. John 10:10.  His longing is for her to take hold of Him, and learn and walk in the understanding and power of His love. 1John 4:9  His desire is that as she join Him, and return His love – and they will conquer anything that would come against them.  His desire is for the beauty of their love to shine out from her to be displayed for all to see – so they too would desire this kind of love.  For this love is the answer to what the world is so desperately in need of,  and looking for.  John 3:16  But this kind of love is not of this world and has nothing to do with what the world offers. 1 John 2:16  It is from above and is perfect and it casts out all fear.  1 John 4:18

She has found Him, and His happiness is over the top!  She seeks Him in all her day, with such devotion, such love. Matt 22:37  He loves it when they talk together, for He delights in hearing her share her heart with Him and He takes great pleasure in sharing His heart to her.  In her day, she can’t seem to get enough from the Book of Love that He gives, for it tells of Him and teaches her how to love Him.    Oh! And on the days when a song rises in her heart for Him! She is like the most beautiful sounding song bird to His ears!  For in these moments, she refuses to look to all the darkness around her, all the threats that knock on her door and instead creates for Him her oasis where she sings songs of love to Him, where she thinks of all that she is thankful for and speaks it to Him like one reciting beautiful poetry to her lover.  Prov 17:22  Her longing is to only please Him.  She does not realize that in these expressions of devotion to Him, not only does He take great delight in them, but that they are also like medicine to her own soul (for He created it this way) and she is filled with strength, peace and joy.   He loves these moments and wishes there were more of them for it thwarts the invisible forces that are set against her.  Anxiety and depression are the first to go!  Sick of heart and hopelessness do not stand a chance.   For as she locks her eyes onto Him and He becomes her focus to be what is most important, she can easily resist all the temptations that come her way and all evil flees because it can’t stand such an environment!  James 4:7.   He is jealous with a wild love and as she loves Him, He wards off and lays low anyone or anything that attempts to get in between them- He protects and is a strength that cannot be contended with.  He encourages her to continue in nurturing the love she has for Him because their intimacy will only intensify and grow strong which is the safeguard needed from her being lured away.  He needs her to understand that they are in this together.  He has made Himself available to her, that she could even choose Him – for this was not some small fete, He gave His Life for her, and now He is there for her always, and it is she who must diligently choose Him for she will be sought after by others and must contend to remain in the love they have love.   It is not an easy road He warns, Matt 7:14 but it is one well worth taking, for it is the only way, truth and life John 14:6 – and can only be walked by Him.

In all she knows she has turned her attentions elsewhere, not meaning any harm by it, but by doing this, she has been strangely pulled away from Him. She is taken by the offer of pleasures that He does not give to her and she sees no harm in accepting this offer.   She has reached out to an invitation given to her by another, to sooth and comfort her in times of difficulty.  In that moment, the moment of her infidelity, He fades from her view into the background.  She takes no notice of the absence of His strong presence for she is easily consumed now as a floodgate of new invitations bombard her with such wonderful and pleasing promises. ‘Don’t bother with that Book of Love, it’s just stories, this is real life you are living’ or ‘Take this and it will relax you, and you will not have to worry anymore!’ they recommend.  ‘Hey, it’s YOU that you need to look after – it’s time to put yourself first for a change!’ is the advice she takes.  With each promise she listens to and each temptation she succumbs to she steps away from Him and into darkness.  Yet He remains to keep His eye closely upon her, never to lose sight of her, never to stop loving her – even in His broken heart.

She calls on Him from time to time but does not realize that her ears do not hear His voice as they once did because she is at such  a distance from Him, they are not close and intimate anymore and there is so much in-between them now.   Nevertheless, she goes on talking to Him, telling Him how she loves Him and asks Him for things she has need of.  He is crushed, because He can see her heart, and it beats no longer as strongly for Him and instead races wildly for others.   She no longer enjoys His company because of all the others she has relations with.   She cannot love Him and others at the same time, for He designed it so, for He is pure and good and does not fellowship with anything of the darkness.  Matt 6:24 1 John 1:5-6   She no longer makes room for Him but instead treats Him like one does a stranger who knocks on their door – leaving them outside on the porch to converse.  Yet, she thinks that she has done nothing wrong, for she has not sent Him away she reasons, she just is busy with other things and she does talk to Him here and there after all.  He is always there she comforts herself, for He will never leave me.  But she does not realize that it is her – that has left Him!  Rev 2:4 Her heart has begun to sing to others and she gives her praises to them, for she so delights in all the pleasure they give to her and all the soothing she cries out for.  She no longer appreciates His beauty, His strength and His love because she has developed a love and longing for others.

Now the one whom she has left Him for tantalizes her with promises and he gives to her all that she wants, when she wants it.  He gives to her the pleasures that this world offers her and she accepts.  He says that if she adores him, he will give her all she asks for.  But unknown to her, when he gives her gifts and provides to her what she lusts for he in turn brings her deeper into his web to trap her.  He has no love for her, he actually hates her and only wants to take her away from Him.  She is conditioned by him with each morsel she devours that he gives her.  When she takes what he gives it gives her pleasure but only for a moment and she is left feeling emptier than before and is left wanting and looking for more.   She is a slave to her feelings now, anger, fear, hatred, loneliness, worry, bitterness, lusts of all kind, they all are voices speaking in her head.  She listens to anger, she listens to bitterness, she cozies up to all the voices of lust to sooth the craving they taunt and torment her with.  Her world is now full of fear and she continually hears the screams ‘I need! I want! Give to me!’  She has taken on greed now, for it always says to her ‘it’s never enough!  I need more!’ Jealousy effortlessly enters on scene to remind her she is to be threatened by anyone it points out to her.   They each dictate her every move and anxiety is always but a whisper away.  This new lover has expertly draped these chains around her and now laughs at her because she is dependent upon him. She is desperate for every crumb he throws her way that will give her relief she so desperately longs for even for the brief moment that it is.

Where she once had joy, peace and the love of her first Love filled her, she now is lost to a sadness. For Her first love gave to her to build her up, but this lover gives but only to strip from her – she sees this now.  Oh but this lover continues to speak lies to her – so she does not even give it a thought to leave him,  for he preys upon her weakness and he knows her vulnerabilities.  In contrast her first Love was one who binds up her weaknesses in His strength and stands on her behalf in her vulnerabilities so she may overcome!  1 Cor 12:9  Where this one tells her how she is nothing without him and she cannot live without him – and she believes him. He now beats her and is destructive, to her body and her life – she is in ruins and lives in fear.  She has forgotten her first love and has subjected herself to this lover’s control.  She tries to forget where she is and tries to pretend that she is doing well, for this is how she maintains to survive.  For she is ashamed and it pains her to look where she is and for all that she takes part in.  For she remembers how the Book of Love spoke of such things and how it would be the damage of her relationship with her first Love.   She is stuck she feels, with nowhere to look for hope.  For how could He ever look at her again, how could He ever love her she wonders?

She does not realize that her first love is calling out to her.  ‘Come, come away My beloved!’  She does not recognize His voice anymore.  He calls out and will never stop, for He remembers their love together and His longing will not relent for her.  He waits for her to stop all that she is doing and to look at Him and turn from this life she now lives to call out for Him.  For in that moment that she chooses to do so, He will pluck her from the snare she has been placed in.  He will breathe upon her new life, which will blow away all the lies that have rested upon her – for this lover of hers is nothing to Him and He has already crushed him once – He will extinguish his web around her with one piercing look – when she gives Him the okay.  He will break the chains binding and will water her thirsty soul with His love and bring her back to life.  He will heal her of the abuse she has endured and will pour His love and forgiveness upon her.  He always and forever wants her, and nothing will ever stop Him from this love He has for her.  He just waits for her now – to look to Him and call out His name.



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