Praise Revelation

My heart was full of heaviness for so many of my loved ones were going through some real hard things and was sharing this with my Father.  He gave me a vision;

I could visually see and feel the pain, chaos, fear, gloom, dread and anxieties whirl all around me.  The amount of distress and darkness was unbearable because there was the feeling that there was no recovery or escape from it as it quickly consumed and overwhelmed.  I knew that I was experiencing what we as individuals feel and go through and as a whole of society and how the terrible weight held each captive.  I was able to see visibly depression, heartache, fear, loss, worry, dread, terror and everything else that was dark and evil. I could see the force and the ownership it held upon the world.   My heart was pleading to God for his answer, his help…..

He turned my attention to a small box that lay strewn on the ground.  It was opened a crack and I could see the power, the purity of life, truth and light flow outward from it as a living energy.  As I looked upon the box I immediately understand that it contained healing, love, blessing, protection, joy, goodness, kindness, beauty, restoration, wisdom, knowledge, peace as it contained all resources to overcome.  It vibrated crazily as if it were waiting for it to be tapped into so it could be unleashed.

It does not makes sense in explaining it with mere words but what I witnessed revealed to me that the force and darkness that was being experienced was not real, but as like a shadow – in comparison to what lie within that box.  Although the heaviness of what I felt was a reality – it was not THE REALITY.

In the instant upon looking at the beautiful box I knew what was needed to access it; the answer to combat the dark atmosphere I was experiencing.  It was so very simple; to Praise God in all things, yet it was not about simple lip service but rather an attitude.  To ever look to our God and give attention to who He is by continually recognizing that it is He that is greater, He is what matters in and among what we may be experiencing.  The point that I got in seeing what I saw was that it is ONLY when we give our eyes and attention – our focus to God will we ever have a chance to move through life’s challenges.   There is the tendency to thank God for the things and circumstances in our life – but this is not where the power of His love is.  For too many times this can become a self-orientated thankfulness because it is about us.  It would be like:  ‘ Lord, you are so very great, full of love and are all that matters to me’, rather than, ‘Thank you Lord for my house, my kids and that I have my health’.  The difference is clear.

In this posture of living we are in the position to hear from God as He leads us through.

All the powers of this world are under the sway of the wicked one; and has the ability to fool and deceive us – to divert our eyes and hearts away from the Source of all life.  The world is a cesspool of the work of this artist’s (Satan) craft; where many have been victimized.  The truth of the matter is that it is all an illusion, of what is real – in essence to what REALLY matters.  The power to overcome is to be ever present with what really is; or better said:  WHO really is.  The box contained the answer to be free of the chaos that these shadows bring – which is the power of praise to our God.  It is the practice and discipline to ever tell Him that He is worthy of our attention by giving Him praise for who He is.

You are bigger dear Lord!  You are the greatness of this situation!  Your presence is only what I want!  You are complete and utter beauty!  You are healing and wholeness!  You are Love!  How spectacular are you for you are the creator of all!  Your mind is unfathomable it is so great!  How lovely are you.  You are my joy!  You are my healing!  You are all I need!  I am satisfied with only You!  You are complete!  You are bigger than anything my eyes may see!  You are the answer to everything!  I am blessed because you are my God!  You are my reason!  You are the only truth!  Your name is full and great!  Praise to you now and forever!  Amen!   2 Chron 20:22  Psalm 22:3  Acts 16:25-26

Note:  Sometimes I will get pictures that come to me that I believe are from God to help me see how He sees and feels regarding various things, this is one of them.  Below are some more that I have attempted to describe what I see.

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