I Had A Question For God

I had a question for God

I was surrounded by confusion and the stress of life

So, I asked

‘God?  What is it that I should do?’

Tired, defeated and feeling alone, I hoped for an answer.

In my heart, I heard this…


Just Be*

For today, just focus on being

As you are simply Being, Be with Me

For this is where you will find Life and Live!  Heb 11:6

When you are being with Me, there will be no room for fear…as where I am fear cannot remain   Romans 8:15  2Tim 1:7

Expectation in yourself & others will vanish for your eyes will be only on Me – and you will be satisfied…for I cannot disappoint.  Psalm 23

This is the key that unlocks the door and will bring you to Peace

Peace is not only a just feeling it is in Me, Jesus, who is in God John 14:27

So for today, just be with Me

For as we are together you will hear Me, and I will tell you many things and you will find your way through

For my delight is in you – won’t you take delight in Me?’  Psalm 16:3  Psalm 18:19

*This is referenced for one who is blood bought and saved, a Christian                        .  Matt 11:28     Col:3:1   Phil:4:6-7


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