What is the Point?

What is the point, many ask.

He is.  Jesus.

In a mess?  Want to get out of it?  Do not look to the mess as the problem.  The mess is only the symptom.  Do not look for the way to be free from the mess, but instead, look to the point.

Determine to put all your energy, like you have never done before – in finding Him.  Call to Him, want Him. Watch and pray – after Him.  Look for Him in scripture and ask Him to reveal Himself to you and don’t stop until He does.

Leave it- all the mess – with God and commit it to Him. Then, take this time you have to seek Him as you have never before. Not for things, not for help – but to find Him.  Let this be your first and foremost in all that you do. He will give to you what you have need of as you first seek Him Matt 6:33.  Submit to Him, all the fallout that is of the mess that comes your way in what you are going through – and determine to watch for what He says, and directs you to do, being very careful that you do not act out of your own desires and mindset.   Be humble, repent.  Not your fault?  Look at how you have reacted to the mess and you may find areas that might need some attention.  Don’t see any spot on you?   There is always areas in our lives where we need to clean up, ask Him and He will show you.  Our messes we face can be things that just seem to take over – and they become our world.  Jesus is our world, He is our way, our truth and our life.  Let Him find your way, as you give Him the place He deserves.

Not in a mess?  He is still the point – follow above in the same manner interchange the word mess with life!

Bless you in your mess/life – and may He be increased in you -who He is, and give you His peace as you follow Him with all you are!

See also I Know the Answer to our Problems!   Come Away My Beloved!  The Perfect Prayer  Repent or Perish!


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