The Houses We Are

I see a row of houses.  From the outside, they look the same.  Some are more ornate then others, but they all have the same purpose – to house occupants.  Only, these houses are not made with wood or stone but are made by God.  They are vessels called the human body.  They were made to worship God.  But, it does not always turn out this way.  There is another who seeks for worship and that is Self and Satan.

I take a tour in one home and am startled to see all the contents within are broken, smashed and dirty.  I am hit with a foul stench of indescribable decayed rot and sense doom and emptiness in this place.  Yet, I see strange little decorated areas like in some kind of attempt to bring beauty in to such ugliness, but upon closer inspection – I can see through them realizing they are not real but a lie.  Romans 1:24-25

Anxiety resides comfortably and keeps regular company with Fear and Torment, as they all huddle in a corner together discussing all the reasons for their existence 1John 4:18.  Hidden so as to not be seen lies Envy, seething because of the want for better.  Bitterness aids in Envy’s misery with words of affirmation of what it is they rightly deserve.  Jealousy’s ear is always open to the conversation between these two and carefully records it so as to know who or what is to be their next threat.  Havoc nearly always ensues this trio – because Accusation is continually pointing its finger causing regular disturbances.  You never have to go very far, in this home to find Greed, for Greed is always wanting to throw its 2 cents worth of speculation on what one deserves and should have James 3:15-16.  As I walk down the hall, I see Shame quickly hiding things as it sees me coming.  This room seems to have built-in hiding posts, to quickly conceal as needed.  I am amazed because no sooner do I look again, and the room looks eerily clean even with a fresh bouquet of fragrant flowers!  I focus my eyes and see how the bouquet of flowers are really a plastic prop as with the food on the table and the books on the shelves – all fake and only for show!  Psalm 4:2.

I pass by to another room, containing one piece of furniture – a chair.  This chair looks like a throne yet there were chains on it so it could secure whoever sat upon it.  The throne was where this home owner made it regular practice to sit, yet they did not see how as they sat down that their hands and feet were chained and that they were subjected to the master who is the host in their home who is also called the Destroyer.  For this was the place where he brutalized them into submission  Romans 6:16.   There is a fresh pool of blood on the floor, broken glass and splinters of contents strewn about which reveals the latest beating.  I feel great pain in this place, sorrow and hopelessness and want to leave for it is so powerful and I know I am a target while I remain here Matt 26:41.   I quickly move on down the hall to a room where is fitting to enter– after one leaves the throne room.  This particular room is quite decked out, lots of captivating gadgets, bowls of treats and enjoyable upbeat music.  Pleasure, Comfort and Escape reside here.   This palace like room contains and freely distributes Addictions.  With each morsel that is taken, or task embarked or pleasure to be experienced – each comes with a very alluring temptation.  The boast of each is promises beyond their capability and to provide escape from life’s demands and responsibilities.  Each give a very short blast of what it has boasted with a catch – which acts like a  sharp double hook, hidden to easily snag its victim. Upon the snare there will be a regular craving to overpower and take captive any who have succumbed.  While outwardly this room is quite captivating and looks so exciting, fun and enjoyable – in truth it is full of sin and death. James 1:14-15.       In the hallway again, I realize that there is a voice that speaks throughout the house in a mesmerizing tone – a chant with words of denial.   The purpose for the chant is so that the homeowner never sets out to find the truth, and it changes according to the lie that must be believed Isaiah 44: 19-21.  The words I heard at this time were, “It’s all good!  You are right, and they are wrong!  Keep the fight and stay strong!”

I understood why the rooms smelled of death, for the wages of sin is death Romans 6:23.  There is no life in these walls.  I marvel as I see the door and make quick haste to exit – because outside I immediately hear the beauty of creation call out – pointing to God. Romans 1:19-21.  The birds chirp with love for Him.  The wind blows and speaks.  ‘I am the Truth, the way and the Life!’ I hear it!  It continually speaks out, for anyone who would have ears to hear!  How is it that this home owner does not see and hear I wonder – for it is so very clear!

I walk to the next house and enter in.  I am immediately met with a Host, who looks at me with inquisitiveness and ushers me in with gladness.  I am asked if I would like a drink of water and if I am warm enough – for there was a stack of very cozy blankets waiting at the door.  I accept a drink John 7:37, for the visit from the previous house left me extremely dry, and because I still felt a chill from my last experience I gladly take the blanket and wrap it around me  I immediately feel rejuvenated with new life! 2 Cor 5: 3-5.  My Host gently takes my hand and leads me through each room and I sense great peace, and am able to collect my thoughts and have quieted so I may listen to Him with clarity Isaiah 26:3.   I see before we go any further an elaborate alarm system and it is connected to my Host.  It has gone off, and I notice that there is a very dark strange man at the door – he says his name is Fear and he is looking for me!  The home owner is notified through his gracious Host – and I see this man extinguished like a smouldering flame before my eyes!  He was literally snuffed out!  My Host explains that this home owner is diligent to keep his home free of such intruders because his home is the temple where the Holy Spirit dwells, who I realize is my Host.  They work as a team, and I see how wonderful they work together.  John 14:16.  I hear a beautiful song in the background and am told that this home owner sings continually to the Lord in praise and thanksgiving Hebrews 13: 15 declaring that the walls are Salvation and the gates are praise in beautiful melody to the Lord Psalm 150.   The Holy Spirit joins in and the musical notes seem to come alive and the atmosphere is one of healing and deliverance Isaiah 61:1-3.   I see that the rooms are so clean and is clear they are regularly washed – and my Host tells me this is what the reading of the word does to a home Ephes 5:26, it washes it and gives the light of truth to shine making bright the home.   I hear continual engagement between the Lord and the home owner – it is so very delightful to listen to.  There is great calm and peace between them with joy and love.    I walk down a bit and see a room that seems to be under construction, yet I see the work that has already been done and completed – I am awestruck!  For the intricate detail of the room was unlike any other in its beauty.  I saw a wonderfully constructed chair that was just being completed.  In the feature of its design was an imprint of some sort – and my Host directed to me to look closer.  My eyes grew wide as I realized that the imprint was a very difficult time – in the home owner’s life – but now it had been turned into an embossed signature of God’s presence and it was laced in gold it was breathtaking!  Because the home owner gave to God this chair, He has turned it into His gift lavished with unspeakable joy in all wisdom and understanding for the owner’s use Matt 16:25.  My eyes scan around and I realize that this is the room where tribulation, pain and suffering take place – as given to the Master and He creates beauty as the home owner allows Him. Isaiah 61:3. The decorations in this room are glistening with such detail and brilliance it is a marvel to behold and they seem to be alive James 1:12.   Joy rings its sound in communion with the heartache of the home owner and they work together in the building that the Lord calls. For I hear echoing ‘what was meant for evil He has turned to good – to those who love Him!’ Romans 8:28.  I see the intensity of the pain that was submitted to God – and the sorrow that was placed into His hands James 1: 2-4.   In this room I feel great hope, faith and love.   We move on to another area – and it encompasses the entire home.  It is called worship – and it is alive!  It is the living sacrifice of praise, the giving to God all, and the laying low in humbleness towards Him – with a heart of love.  Worship is the principle activity in this home in all that is said and done – for He is worthy of all our worship and praise now and forever John 4:24, Psalm 29:2.  I am caught up in the dedication, the seriousness and the reverence that this homeowner has – and how the Holy Spirit fills up all the space made in worship – to bring glory to the Father!  Words cannot explain this glorious wonder!   1 Cor 1:31.

I am nearing the end of my tour but do not want to leave for I feel at home here!  My shoulder is gently tapped, and sadly I turn to make my departure – but instead I am told that this home is me!

Note:  Sometimes I will get pictures that come to me that I believe are from God to help me see how He sees and feels regarding various things, this is one of them.  Below are some more that I have attempted to describe what I see.

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