Christ my Savior. Christ my Lord? No Thanks!

‘I accept – Him as my Savior, I accept His grace He gives me, and I accept His love for me!’

But then when asked,

‘Friend, is He your Lord too?’

Only to hear this reply;

‘No thanks – I’m good’

True story, for way too many.

Where in truth, because He has saved us- He then becomes our Lord as the result.  There is no room for negotiation or compromise when it comes to this subject – according to what the bible teaches.

May we all share the other half of the meaning of salvation with those who we know and love.

Excellent teaching by a brother in the Lord expanding on this subject:

How to know God’s will.


  1. Christ does not become our Lord when we are saved. He has always been our Lord and when we are saved we acknowledge his Lordship and submit to his rule over our lives.


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