The Prophetic

The prophet in the scriptures; the message they spoke, was not their ministry, but instead their ministry was their obedience and intimacy with their God.  They were usually a group quite familiar with suffering because of their relationship with God and their message was brought forth out of this.  Prophets of God were confrontational not that this was what they sought to be, but instead it was because of the message they spoke and who they spoke it to.  For what they spoke both repulsed and angered its hearers or it stirred and moved others into action to seek after God – because the message was not their own but of the Spirit of the Living God.  I believe that the ministry of prophesy is biblically valid and necessary for us today.  While we do have the Holy Scriptures, we do have need for the ‘highlighting’ if you will – what is in the word, for others to hear that perhaps would need refreshing or awakening to its truth.  Having said this, I am inviting you to visit my other blog; A Word From the Lord, which is a collection of words I have shared.  Do I claim to be a prophet?  I would rather say it this way; that I write what my heart hears, which I believe it to be the voice of God.  Am I always correct?  I can say through a period in my life – no!  God revealed to me that if I do not guard my heart and walk cleanly before Him I am at risk to hear other voices, and that these other voices are basically chomping at the bit, to deceive those who put themselves at risk. For this reason,  I am probably the most skeptical person there is when it goes to those who proclaim prophetic utterance.  I am careful to weigh it against scripture and I listen to the Holy Spirit to show me any error.  Having said this, I expect the same for anything I have brought forth.  I believe that we all (the body of Christ), have something to contribute for our growth and encouragement, and rebuke – me included.   I have set forth in faith in the launching of this blog, for I believe this is the Lord’s leading and I pray that it be a refreshing to you, a reminder and yes, even rebuke (if needed) – so we may all grow up together in His body and in unity of His Spirit.

If any has a question, concern or criticism, I would ask that you send it out on the blog’s, contact page – and would be glad to converse with you.


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