In My Prayer Closet

I share my prayer today and wonder if this is yours too….

My dearest Father, again, I share with you what you already know.  The world gone mad.  The world bathed in evil corruption and being drunk with it.  The mega church-ed laughing and singing and praising God – as they blaspheme You!  All the rest seeking the sensual – to name it ‘your presence.’ it’s like its one big orgy (in Christendom) – the (spiritual) revelry and adultery going on and there are none that seek to know any better.  The hearts have become dull and the desire for truth no longer runs in their veins, for they are content with being lulled and pacified to sleep.  I can trust no one and should trust no one (not even myself), for our hearts are all easily swayed.

Oh My dearest Father, place into my heart your message to me – and others, how are you seeing, feeling for the things of today?  The evil that is rampant, everywhere.  The lies upon lies in most every heart.  The love of sin and the denial of Jesus – in professing Christians.  The embrace of psychology over the Gospel of Christ.  Foolish hearts, thinking they can drink the cup of Satan and enjoy the delights of the Lord too.   The prophetic frenzy that looks like an Enquirer tabloid that people take and eat for their regular ‘spiritual’ food.

I look to You, and You only – for this is right and perfect.  I seek continuously – You.  I look everywhere to find You.  This is not optional, but must be!  For the evil is pressing in and the darkness is coming in like rolling fog.  What will be of those who just have not took the time to be founded upon the Rock?  For those who thought it needless to root themselves into Him so their life’s flow would be Him?  Instead they do not even realize, they have developed a dislike for Jesus Christ and His Gospel of the Kingdom (some have never known it.)  Instead, they spit it out of their mouths because they crave the candy that Satan has fed them and they do not realize it is rotting them from within.  They spew out of their greedy hearts to say they need not fear of their eternal security – as they cling to a twisted rope that was thrown to them by the fabricator of this lie.  They cling to it, as their life’s line to what it is they deserve – calling it their gift that can never be revoked.  But they do not inspect this cord to see that it is not anchored to Jesus Christ, but to their own deceived heart.   That the gift You have given truly is a gift to us,  but with all gifts we can take them as our own, or we can tuck them away never to think of them again, or even throw them out.  The gift you have given is alive and meant for them to join – not place in a drawer or hung on a wall so they may say….this is proof I am saved!  This has been the great deception of the ages that will sweep a vast number into hell’s promise.

You are God over all.  Your ways far surpass any and all ways.   Inconsistency or contradiction do not live with You.  You deserve our awe.  We are a people who fall deeper in love with You – each day we live!  For it is your delight to pour over us revelation of who You are.  We bow continually in our hearts before You, for this is (spiritually) natural to us.  Though we are sons and daughters we do not look upon our position in pride, but in great reverence so we do not bring shame to Your name.   Give us the cry of your heart so we never walk in pride.  Keep us in these dark times so we may walk close to the flame of God.  Where our flesh continually be shed off still more and more so we may grow into your image and likeness unto that perfect day.  Amen.

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