Welcome to my blog!  Which is a collection of thoughts, insights and writing regarding my walk with the Lord and my hope that it may be encouraging, edifying and exhorting to the Body of Christ.  May it be intriguing to those who have not yet joined us – God Bless!

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My Testimony:

Christ in me, the hope of glory!  This is my testimony and who I am.  The life I live I no longer live in me, but in Him and He is who I testify of.  That all my boasting be in who He is, in me.  For I have no boast in myself, what I call my life – for all that is mine is His and all that is His is mine.  He reached down into the depths and pulled me out of the mire of myself – the old wine skin.  And has poured into me the new wine in which I drink in deeply – daily.  He is my bread of life, My light in the darkness.  I am nothing without Him and in Him I can do all things.  He has set me free – from myself, and from sin that once had its grip upon me.  I live in His joy and this is my strength.

I am married and the mother of 3, and been walking with the Lord for 34 years.